Robot Vacuum Cleaner NEATSVOR X600 Pro Laser Navigation 6000PA Strong Suction Map Management Sweep Floor and Wipe Floor in One

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This product can not be delivered to United States (US).

2021Upgrade Laser navigation vacuum cleaner

●The leading intelligent laser navigation system, the robot 360° scans and draws your house. Plan the fastest, most effective, orderly and smart route to clean every room in your home. This innovative technology makes Neatsvor X600 Pro an extremely intelligent robot.(More efficient, smarter, more intuitive, and more predictive than gyroscopes and vision products)

●Two-in-one design brush: a unique combination of brush and rubber brush design, at the same time it has the advantages of high-efficiency brush cleaning ability and rubber brush not easy to wrap hair

●The triple filtration system and high-efficiency filtration HEPA can filter a large amount of allergens and dust, and purify the air. 600ml large-capacity dust collection box, can store more dust and sundries

●With the easily switchable Nswitch system, the robot can easily switch between the dust box and the water tank. In the dust box mode, it can clean and vacuum, and in the water tank mode, it can clean and mop the floor.

●APP control: a smart phone application, you can use it to select the cleaning mode, schedule the cleaning time, select the suction and mopping power level, observe the cleaning history to control the robot.

●It is programmable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can set the running time of the robot.

Virtual Map

The robot will draw a map of your entire house before starting to clean, save and find the fastest and most efficient route. You can view the interactive map in the app.

Intelligent perception for hundreds of obstacles
Don’t touch or bump, go around in time
Use lidar imaging algorithm to detect real-time and perceive obstacles
The accuracy is 10 times higher than that of infrared, and the direction can be adjusted in time to prevent accidental collision and winding.

3 levels of suction, adjustable at any time

The upgraded spiral suction system allows the robot to reach a maximum suction of 6000Pa. It can collect all types of dirt and clean your room deeply to ensure that the floor is always clean.

NIDEC brushless motor
Auto pressurization of carpet
Triple air filtration and purification
Air duct optimization

The robot’s Nwater control system can easily use APP to control the water output of the mopping, which is suitable for your different cleaning requirements, different floor materials and different weather environments. The 350ml large-capacity water tank allows you to avoid adding water during the cleaning process.

Meticulous cleaning

Wipe vigorously so that the stain has nowhere to hide

Deeply customized in cleaning needs
Cleanliness is under control, individual cleaning
Real-time map/check working status/OTA online upgrade
Fixed area cleaning/fixed virtual wall/timed appointment
Remote start/adjust suction/adjust water speed

Clean the restricted area

can set a virtual wall in the app to prohibit the robot from accessing the entire room or a certain area.

Large capacity battery, don’t worry about missing it

The 5200mAh large-capacity lithium battery can run continuously for 2.5 hours, and will automatically return to the charging dock after cleaning, without your intervention. If the battery of the robot is dead, it will automatically return to the charging dock in the fastest way, charge the battery, and then take it out to complete the cleaning.

Strength climbing Over the right angle barrier

Not only can climb the arc slot, but also easily climb over the right-angled stairs and thresholds
Common obstacles, sliding rails, and carpets in the home can’t trap its footsteps

You can connect the robot to a virtual assistant that controls Alexa and Google Home by voice. You can carry out various voice control.

Multi-sensing system

9.8cm thinner design can clean hard-to-reach areas
Top pressure sensing, no stuck
it will automatically adjust when encountering obstacles, and the bottom height detection will prevent falling from the stairs

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4、Like all other similar robots, the robot vacuum cleaner cannot work on a black floor. If your carpet has a large area of black, it will default to an obstacle and avoid the area because it thinks it is a “cliff”. (((If there is no stairs in the house, you can use black/white/red-brown tape to stick the bottom photoreceptor, it will work normally on the black carpet.

5、 Do not add liquids other than clean water to the tank.

6、 The robot adopts double anti-collision, infrared detection and front bumper design. The walls and furniture are dark, so they will absorb infrared rays, making it unrecognizable, depending on the frontal impact sensor.

7、 Due to customs clearance issues, we currently could not ship to Canary Islands and other island, do not do the order. But if you have friends in other cities available, you Can ask them to buy it for you.

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  1. S***z

    Have tested by 8 days version without Pro and as the first few uruchomień worth dopłacić to version Pro. Longer working for charge and compared to X600 not pogubił is seeking base, but the final evaluation needs more time as very overstretches version X600.


  2. A***o

    The product arrived on time by seller. Seller with excellent service, always answering questions and attentive. With the vacuum cleaner, the program is easy installation, is possible to map the home is leave saved. Also can select the area to be cleaned for example if you want aspere a room you can go and select only the bedroom, or for example a certain space that just be dirty. It draws very well, am. Not aspirei mat, not know if can, searched in manual and not seen. Despite that saw some people drawing and putting photos. The mop, he takes the powder, but not cleaning. But it is not a problem, because have a Already clean the floor, and really the dirt. As vacuuming it is great, aspire very well. And oddly enough, even you looking and thinking that the floor has dirt it strip powder. Wonderful. The battery lasts quite. For Aspire One area of about 90 meters uses 28 percent battery. Super recommend.


  3. i***m

    I haven’t tried yet but because I bought 2 and I used the other one so I can say it’s a good product, the shipping and delivery was so fast, the seller is so nice and understanding and answered all my questions and after sale customer service is good too.


  4. I***a

    I’m balding. To Tyumen from the moment of sending came in 2 days. The vacuum cleaner is great. I started it yet without an application. I was running dust yesterday. The container is pulled out easily. Today I will run on washing floors


  5. R***o

    Получил пылесос, всё как в описании. Программка на русском всё там понятно, а говорит на английском. Своих денег стоит у нас на порядок такие дороже. На данный момент и пылесос, доставка в Украину из Китая, есть ещё модель без приставки Pro, там есть доставка из Украины. Доставка почтой Meest express, за 13 дней, и ещё 14 дней пролежал на таможне, думал авось без розтаможки не повезло заплатил 914 грн. Простите у продавца чтобы паковал в пакет чтобы не было видно что там написано на коробке, на ней написано что там робот пылесос. А он изначально дороже 110 $. Правда продавец поставил цену 95 $.Может так не попадёт на розтаможку. Могу советовать магазин и продавца.


  6. R***n

    The product corresponds to the description. Well packed in two cartons. There is a set of spare brushes, a container for wet cleaning, a replaceable filter, a spare rag. Delivery was fast to Chelyabinsk, brought the courier home. On the minimum mode works quietly, removes all crumbs, wool, hair and of course dust. Vacuum cleaner I advise you to buy!
    The seller is well done!!!


  7. G***v



  8. K***r

    Роботом пылесосом очень довольна! Всем рекомендую к покупке! 11.11 заказала 16.11 уже получила. Упакован робот пылесос очень хорошо, в две коробки. Убирает достаточно хорошо, убирала день назад и всеравно собрал мусор. Есть русский язык. Делит квартиру на зоны. Можно включать через google assistant. Из минусов заезжает на станцию с 4-5 раза, но для этой цены, робот прекрасный.


  9. t***b

    Product came very well packed with box inside another box. Despite the seller cheat with tracking code when cadastrá it on AliExpress, gave me all the explanations in field of messages, passing me the correct code.
    Attention to residents of mines, as revenue declined the declared value of $150 by seller and refereed the double ($300) and as here, beyond import 60% has more 25% ICMS, paid almost the value of other cleaner (were over R$ 1800 rate). But as expected this worst scenario, took into account the final value when decided to buy. What would the would be less profit.
    Product Evaluation follows in addition.


  10. J***a

    Bought 11.11, delivered by courier ukrpochty in 5 days. In a double package, everything is OK.
    Connected to Tuya smart, manage cleaning from this application. There are nuances, but in general, while satisfied, let’s see how it will be next.


  11. i***v

    Excellent goods, honest seller! Recommend