New 220V/110V 600W 18Kpa Handheld Mini Wired Vertical Washing Vacuum Cleaner for Home Bed Sofa Cleaning Machine

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It has High-Efficiency Filtration System, complete sealing design and a high-density HEPA filter which captures 99.99% of the microscopic dust.

And I don’t like to “sleep”, only need to recharge for about 5.5 hours at a time.

Electric turbine brush, with independent motor, the cleaning effect on floor and carpet is increased by60%.Big capacity, clean 5-7 times after filling.

One click to dump, enjoy a convenient life.I like to be on the floor, I can do my job on the hard floor. Sometimes I’m on the carpet, also can do well.

If you like me,please take me home,let me be your personal housekeeper.

【Super Powerful Suction】:

The updated version provides 600-watt 18kPa powerful suction to meet every cleaning demands, picking up debris and dusts, crumbs and pet hairs in minute.

It performs well on all kinds of hard floors, carpet floor, stairs and windowsills, sofa and bed, desk and curtain, etc

【High-efficiency Cyclone + Washable HEPA Filtration System】:

it creates a high speed rotating airflow to remove particulates from air. Plus high-density HEPA which removes up to 99.97% of microscopic dust particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The whole filtration system is washable, please wash the filter regularly and reinstall after completely dry.

【 Lightweight Main Machine】:

The main machine can be equipped with different attachments for different tasks.

With an ergonomic handle, people can hold the machine to finish stairs, upholstery, sofa and venetian blinds cleaning with ease.

Why choose our Vacuum Cleaner ?

This Vacuum Cleaner uses electric turbine brush, with independent motor, the cleaning effect on floor and carpet is increased by 60%.And the Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most classic vacuum cleaners, making it the first choice for purchasing vacuum cleaners.It is non-substutable as a complement or substitute for mops and robot vacuum.

Vacuum Specifications:

Suction: 18Kpa

Use way: dry use

Extension tube material: aluminum

Dust tank capacity: 1.5L

Filtering mode: multi-stage cyclone

Recommended Use: Hard Floor, Carpet,Sofa,Bed,and so on…

Usage Method:
1.Open carton to check whether all accessories completed.
2.Connect the extension tube 1 to the motor.
3.Connect the extension tube 2 and floor brush.
4.Place the storage clip on the extension tube.
5.Connect the plug to power socket.
6.Press the on/off switch
7.Start using the vacuum cleaner different brushes according to your need.

Cleaning and maintenance:
In order to not affect the performance of the machine,recommended that you regularly maintaining its components.
A)Handheld parts:
1.make sure the appliance is switched off before cleaning.
2.Wipe with wet cloth always wring it before scrubbing.Never allow water flow inside the handheld/motor parts.
3.Recommended to dry the handheld parts before keeping it.

B)Dust Bucket:Please pour out the dust after each use to avoid excessive dust and blocking the air passage.
1.Press the bottom button to open the bottom cover ,pour out the dust directly.
2.Rotary removal filter and HEPA
3.Use cloth to clean the dust cup and use water to clean the filters.
4.Dry them natually and put them back before next use.

Please do not operate the device in the following cases:
1.In an environment close to flammable gases.
2.In case of blockage of inlet or outlet.
3.In the absence of a filter.
4.Do not use the appliance on wet surfaces.
5.Do not use it for firing cigar ,cinder ,nail.

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