BEILI Black Makeup brushes set Professional Natural goat hair brushes Foundation Powder Contour Eyeshadow make up brushes

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This product can not be delivered to United States (US).

Black 30PCS Brushes,including 100% Natural goat hair,synthetic hair and pony hair.

—Goat hair

–Pony hair

–Nano fiber

–synthetic hair

This set is complete 30pcs which are all the brushes we need,perfect for personally use or professional,and a wonderfull gift.The things we do for love and beauty, which are BEILI always insist do.These brushes are a must have!

For Blending Eye brushes

we special choose Natural goat pony hair,Natural goat hair Touch skin -friendly and will have ice muscle touch,suitable for all skin types with no stimulation .Natural animal hair are softness like no other.They are fluffy and have excellent ability to grasp powder.It can apply amazing blending and apply makeup evenly. And eyebrow and eyeliner are thin and Precise.

Nano fiber

they are made from Nanofiber and synthetic hair,They are soft and dense with different shape and normal sizes.High-tech Nanofiber Hair with Fine Soft Texture,super smooth touch,Good ability to grasp powder like animal hair, while they are antibacterial and easy to clean.

1.Large Powder 4.2cm/17.7cm
2.Flat Foundation Brush 2.5cm/16.5cm
3.Round Foundation Brush2.9cm/16.5cm
4.Stippling Brush 4cm/17.4cm
(1/2/3/4 Synthetic hair)

5.Powder 5cm/18cm
6.Angled Foundation Brush 2.7cm/16.1cm
7.Loose Powder Brush 3.5cm/17cm
8.Blush Brush 3.4cm/17.5cm
(5/7 Nano Fiber hair)
(6/8 Synthetic hair)

9.Stippling Brush 3cm/16cm
10.Highlight Brush 3.5cm/17.5cm
11.Face Shape Brush 2.2cm/16.7cm
12.Blusher Brush 3.5cm/17.5cm
13.Face Paint 1.9cm/15.5cm
(9/11 Synthetic hair)
(10/12/13 Nano Fiber hair)

14.Shadow Shader 1.5cm/17cm
15.Concealer Brush 1.9cm/17.3cm
16.Flat Shader 1.2cm/17.2cm
17.Eyeshadow brush 1.8cm/17.8cm
18.Eye Blending 1.5cm/17.5cm
19.Detail Blending 1.6cm/17.6cm
(14/16/17/18/19 goat hair)
(15 synthetic hair)

20.Crease Blender 1cm/17cm
21.Flat Shader 1.5cm/17.5cm
22.Small Shadow 0.8cm/16.8cm
23.Flat Blending 1.5cm/17.5cm
24.Brow Brush 0.5cm/16.5cm
25.Tapered Blending 1.5cm/17.5cm
(20/21/22/24 synthetic hair)
(23/25 goat hair)

26.Small Pencil 0.9cm/17cm
27.Smokey Shader 0.8cm/17.4cm
28.Detail Liner 0.5cm/17cm
29.Small Liner 0.7cm/17.3cm
30.Brow/Liner Brush 0.5cm/17cm
(26 goat hair)
(27 pony hair)
(28/29/30 synthetic hair)

It is recommended to use soap-free,non -alcoholic,PH value is weakly acidic detergent. I am used to use the shampoo and hair essential oils to care
Hope BEILI brushes can help you as always,thanks

Steps to clean the natural hair makeup brushes

1.Wet the bristles with clean water. (below 40℃)
2.Place a drop of makeup brush cleanser
3.Gently massage the tips of the bristles in your palm.
4.Rinse the bristles.
5.Squeeze out the excess moisture with a clean towel.
6.Reshape and let it dry upside down
7.Please avoid touching the water directly with the wooden handle during the whole cleaning


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  1. M***a

    Son exactamente como lo describe el vendedor. Llegaron en 3 días. Vienen en caja y todos están protegidos con una bolsa transparente, algunos tiene mallas o protector de plástico. Se ven muy suaves, aún no los he probado. De momento me gusta la compra. Gracias.


  2. Shopper

    I took this set for a bid and it stayed in 5 € and something. And I’m in shock of how great brushes they are. 100% recommended.

    Don’t think about it, for personal use they’re the top of the top. But if you’re starting to make up they’re ideal. And if you’re professional like I recommend them to you anyway.
    They are wonderful, more than envy other brands I guarantee.

    It took only 10 days to arrive


  3. M***s

    They’re wonderful. Very soft. It’s a complete pack. Surprised with such good hair quality. The shipment has been rapidisimo,2 days. Very happy with the purchase. I recommend the seller


  4. y***y

    The box came a little scashed, but everything ok. It matches everything with the description. I arrive a week earlier


  5. a***r

    Very good brushes for the price they have, it took the shipment to Tenerife, Canary Islands, but arrived very well packaged


  6. l***l

    Great, in two days they were at the door. When I try them I will comment but at first sight they look good os, with good touch. Very well packed and big brushes with protective net too!


  7. I***O

    Exactamente tal y como indica la descripción.
    Pinceles de fibra sintética y fibra natural de pelo de cabra. alta calidad en el acabado. Rapidez en el envío tan solo 2 días. Sólo echo en falta pincel de cejas. Una compra de 10!!!!!


  8. C***e

    The quality of the brushes is very good! Much like the quality of much more expensive brands.


  9. C***a

    Shipping: It took only two days to arrive from Spain

    Packing: brushes came inside a box in a bubble envelope. The box arrived without a single bun and brushes in perfect condition.

    Product: it matches exactly the description. When you open the box it smells like glue but once you let them air the smell disappears. Brushes are super soft. Of 30, 5 come with a protective mesh

    Base brushes have tight and inward silver sujection, which is perfect because it makes the brush fluffy and does not miss product.

    I haven’t tried them all yet but they are very good quality brushes in plain sight. Highly recommended your purchase!

    P.D. If the comment has served you, don’t forget to give it if next door, it’s just a click and so it can be of use to more people. And please if you buy anything, comment. They miss a couple of minutes but it’s a feedback that helps us all!

    Today for you, tomorrow for me! Good shopping!


  10. E***e

    Son una maravilla. El pelo es súper suave y vienen muy tupidas. Vienen en su caja metidas y bien protegidas con malla o con funda de plástico.
    Falta probar si sueltan pelo al lavarlas y que tal se comportan durante el maquillaje pero por ahora tienen muy buena pinta.
    El envío ha tardado una semana, así que súper contenta con todo.
    Muy muy recomendado tanto el producto como el vendedor.


  11. S***s

    Me encantan. la verdad que no sabría decir si es realmente pelo natural o no por que es la primera vez que invierto dinero en esto.. pero son super suaves y fantásticas tanto a la hora de poner maquillaje como a difuminarlo, el paquete llego algo aplastado ( culpa de la compañía de transporte) pero estaban intactas.


  12. A***z

    I love it! It’s for a gift. And that’s why I haven’t opened them but I ‘ve touched a brush like that above and you can tell the quality. And besides, the seller had a lot of patience with me. I thought I wasn’t coming home because of the follow-up. It jumped me that I couldn’t get home. At hours was the boy calling me to confirm if he was home for delivery. And of course it was fast from the scheduled date.


  13. Shopper



  14. A***a

    It’s to give my sister away! But they are
    Divine and super soft! I love annnn!


  15. g***r

    Spectacular jiji the quality the amount of hair I love, I have ordered the whole set and it comes all in very good condition and exactly the same there are synthetic hair but also natural, I love all very well cutting and hair layers I highly recommend


  16. J***a

    Потрясающие кисти! Я очень довольно. Я работающий визажист, качество кистей просто супер. Набиты отлично. Ворс не лезет. Мягкие. Работать – одно удовольствие.

    На фото кисти сразу после работы. Доставка в Москву за 4 дня домой. Я выбирала экспресс доставку. Кисти в картонной коробке. Каждая кисть упакована в целофан, есть сеточки на натуральные пушистые кисти. Мягкий натуральный ворс.
    Рекомендую! Это настоящая находка кисти за такую цену!