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This product can not be delivered to United States (US).

Traditional Remover VS Our Suction Machine

Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner

1、Remove Blackhead & Grease
2、Minimize Pores
3、Strong Suction Power
4、5 Functional Heads
5、3 Strength Levels

5 Replaceable Beauty Heads

1、Small Hole Head : Remove blackhead , it has weaker suction , which is suitable for sensitive skin
2、Oval Hole Head : Reduce micro wrinkle on the corner of eyes and mouth , making your skin smooth and tightened
3、Microcrystalline Head : For dead skin exfoliation , and offer micro-lift massage to beighten and tender your skin
4、Elliptical Hole Head : Firm skin ,remove fine wrinkles , increase skin elasticity . Suitable for canthus , the corner of mouth
5、Big Hole Head : Remove blackhead , grease , cosmetic residue etc. , it has stronger suction , which is suitable for some stubborn blackhead on nose

Recommended Steps Of Using

1、Use hot steamer (recommended) or hot towel on your face for 3-5 minutes to open up the pores.
2、Choose a suitable head and suction.Start with the lowest.
3、Clean the face and use the toner to shrink the pores.

How To Use ?

Tips : Please don’t stay in one place more than 3 seconds , just slide up and down to prevent from purple and red skin .

How To Replace Sponge & Beauty Heads


1.Remove Blackhead, deeply clean face
2.2. For acne, pimple skin treatment
3.3. Treatment for the sagging skin and wrinkle, skin Rejuvenation
4.4. Treatment for the stain and dull skin, reduce skin hyperpigmentation


* Suction bigger than traditional comedo suction probe
* Three levels, suitable for different skin
* Different suction head, different function
* Rechargeable, easy and convenient


Input power: Input voltage: 5V
Input current: Net weight: 124g
Battery capacity: 850MAH
Battery type: lithium battery
Suction: 53KPA
Charging time: about 200 minutes
Use time: about 150 minutes

Packing Included:

1 x Blackhead Remover
5 x Probe
1 x USB Charge Cable
5 x Filter Sponge
1 x Manual

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  1. К***с

    All as expected. In addition, not for a long time, as the order came for 4RE of the day) the product is satisfied, the seller I recommend☝Now you can clean the feathers


  2. R***x

    The description of the goods is very accurate, as in the photo-showcase. The device is a beast, sits down strongly even at the 1st speed, and their 3. was fully charged. Cleans well, but leaves bruises, in 1-2 days pass. Communication with the seller was not needed, the order was fully tracked and went very quickly, in 4 days: 25.06.2021G. Paid, immediately shipped and 30.06.2021G. Received. Sending from Moscow to Moscow. The goods are satisfied. Thank you.


  3. o***a

    30.07 ordered, and 2 .08 already courier delivered, super fast delivery. In the case have not yet tried to take for her daughter on her nose black dots here and see how that unit cope. The box at the opening was broken, the whole unit looked like


  4. R***a

    The order came in 5 days in Postamat. The box is whole. Perfectly cleanses my oily skin. Before use, I washed my face with warm water. Even on the first mode sucks out the top of the Black Point, and pimples completely. After application on the skin, easy irritation, but quickly passes. For cleansing once a week
    In a set of 5 nozzles with different diameter and hole shape depending on the purpose. The wider the hole, the greater the suction force. Nozzles are plastic. But easily removed and put on the device. Also there are spare O-rings, filters and wire for charging (microUSB-USB)
    On the photo, the skin after applying and applying the tonic for the face (100 beauty recipes)


  5. r***a

    привез курьер прям до двери,за что отдельное спасибо,зарядки не было , попробую дополню отзыв


  6. R***r

    The device sucks the acne well. True bruising leaves. The seller fixed the goods very quickly, thank you. Recommend.


  7. S***n

    Great thing! Everything works, it is assembled like a tight, the box is not crumpled, it came quickly into the pedestal, complete with several attachments and a USB wire. Creates a good vacuum (like 3 modes), works even on unparted skin) but do not overdo it, or they can remain bruises. Instructions for Russian in the kit are not, if that. I don’t know if it’s for cleaning. Therefore, on wet skin use carefully, so as not to stain the suction part.


  8. R***r

    Thank you very much to the seller. I got it very quickly. I haven’t used it yet. When turned on, it works and pulls the skin very well.


  9. s***r

    Hello, I have not tried yet, I can already tell you that it is beautiful and that it works, cordially smile


  10. A***n

    Arrived in a week. We ‘ve been testing for a week. Well pulls out of the pores, but only if you follow the instructions and these pores steam in a shower or hot towel. Credit. In the photo, the amount of dirt after the device works.


  11. Shopper

    Received the parcel, good condition. Delivery was tracked, came within the specified period. I’ll try it.


  12. Shopper



  13. A***r

    I’m delighted. Delivery Super, 21.08 ordered-23.08 received, at the cash desk in 5KA, in 36 Reg.
    The device itself is also good,. On parboiled skin perfectly cleans even on “1”. My son tried a teenager, just perfect, though I try to use before weekends, K. After use, there are traces of which 1-2 days you need to get out. Purchased for 550 rubles.


  14. d***d

    Great thing! Works on hurray, cleans pores perfectly, delivery fast in Pyaterochka.


  15. z***r

    It all came whole. It’s like the description. The box is a little crumpled, but it’s critical. Works. Recommend


  16. S***a

    Thank you to the seller, delivery time Moscow 5 days, Courier. I really like the device, I use it for more than a year. Perfectly cleans the skin and makes massage (LPG effect). I bought 2 pieces at a discount for gifts.


  17. S***a

    Excellent Device, everything works! There are 5 nozzles and 3 speeds. Wiring for charging, suitable for any charger. In the kit there are also replaceable filters and rubber pads. In the hand lies Nice, a quality thing is felt.
    The order came within 5 days at the cash register “Pyaterochka”, was tracked.


  18. a***a

    The device works, the vacuum sucks well, the skin after pre-preparation cleans well. She took for her son with problem skin. Purchase is satisfied, thank you to the seller.


  19. R***r

    He is not as strong as I would like, but the power is enough if you suffer longer over the jumps. Recommend.


  20. J***a

    The box is in a terrible state, as if it were flattering. Thank God everything is fine. Everything works! I tried on unparted skin. I did not communicate with the seller.


  21. M***a

    Got a courier. The device is excellent. 3 speeds. So that there are no bruises, use at the 1st speed. Use on a parted face.


  22. s***r

    Nice. No extractor everything, but definitely helps cleaning affordable. Uses only לאזורים less fine, looks to me more fit


  23. A***a

    The order was received during, thank you very much. Until I used it, then I’ll add a review.


  24. R***r

    Great device! The box came whole, packed in a neat box. Immediately tried in the dele-good, the nozzles were worn. In general, the score is 5, thank you!


  25. R***r

    Interesting thing, it is necessary to adjust to it, because. Can leave bruises, if you keep in one place for a long time. In the hand to hold comfortably.


  26. Shopper

    The goods came quite quickly, unlike all my other parcels to my region
    The box is slightly crumpled, but the integrity of the goods did not affect. I’ll try, I’ll add a review!


  27. a***k

    Not very satisfied, acne on the spot only the skin began to peel.


  28. E***a

    The product did not use, TC Postamat did not work for 1,5 months and could not get an order. Seller did not want to refund money in dispute, but AliExpress returned


  29. m***m

    The box is a little crumpled, the goods are intact, it works.