IMAGIC Waterproof Eyeliner Shine Eyeliner Matte Make Your Beauty Black Long Lasting Eyeliner Pen Makeup Cosmetic Tool

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1 Pc x Eyeliner Pencil
Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil provides excellent coverage and color, it is easy to blend and stays applied once on and on, no transfer, super long wear and waterproof
Use tip to fine line, or corner pen for a heavier look

Usage options:
Eyelids open slightly, with the eyelid erased by hand.
Beginners can painted from the back forward along the lashes root eyeshadow or eyeliner.


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  1. K***k

    Доставка Укопочтой. Каждая вещь в коробочке и целофане, всё вместе – в пупырчатом пакете.
    Подводка довольно жидкая (но я не знаю какая она должна быть – беру впервые). Мицеляркой еле отмыла с руки. Помада 09 – как и хотела – насыщеный алый цвет, мягкая, кремовая, финиш блестит, немного мажется, оттенок похож на 10 у продавца. Помада 21 намного розовее и светлее, что для меня больше подходит, стойкая, когда высыхает – матовая и не мажется. Обе помады приятно пахнут (типа ваниль/какао).


  2. N***a

    Slightly spread when applied, but quickly dries and water does not wash off, even if rubbed. You can wash only micellar water. I really like the eyeliner of this company, I use it for a long time. Recommend.


  3. a***a

    Good eyeliner, everything came quickly, tracked, I advise


  4. E***A

    The eyeliner is bright and comfortable
    When applied. Does not part. very satisfied. I definitely recommend the seller.❤⚘


  5. a***d

    Very fast shipping and delivery


  6. V***S

    Super eyeliner, convenient to fix, TC is washed like a film. Does not flow during the day, does not print. The tip is felt but not too empty, convenient to apply. You can apply in several layers, there will be no problems, there is no shoulder. For its price fire, I will take more


  7. H***h

    “The items are complete, well-packed, in good condition and shipped immediately. I haven’t used it yet, but I think it’s a good buy. And your price looks good.
    Yes! Yes! I received it today. Although it took a long time to receive it, because it is in very good condition and the product is also very good or. Thank you.”


  8. M***r

    Bueno, puedo decir que el precio es muy bueno.Aguanta mucho tiempo, puedes pasar todo el día.Estaré allí pronto.Estaré en Kiev en una semana.Lo pediré de nuevo.


  9. O***n

    This eyeshadow palette is as rich in color as the previous one and is wrapped in a bubble bag. He comes in safe and sound. I like it and recommend it to everyone. I’ll buy it next time!


  10. M***r

    Thank you seller. Well received. Electrically conductive very quickly. Goods up to the survivors. Thank you very much. Love it


  11. C***L

    This is not the first time I order a sponge. He is beautiful! Very gentle, pleasant, in general a godsend in work. Also the color is so nice and stylish! Thanks !


  12. D***e

    The powder is very fine, the color is great, and it works well! I recommend!


  13. A***Z

    The shadows are amazing! Bright, well-pigmented and very beautiful shades. But there is one “BUT” – delivery. I was waiting for the order for 1 months!


  14. R***V

    good product quality and the colour seems nice. good packaging as well


  15. J***i

    The eyebrow pencil is very convenient to use, the color is great, and the package is well protected. It arrived quickly in just over a week. I was pleasantly surprised and the shipment was too fast! Recommended seller!


  16. J***n

    “The eyeliner is very smooth, it feels great to use, it is waterproof, it can hold makeup all day, the package arrives quickly, the protection is great, I like it, the quality of the product is too good, I recommend IMAGIC, I will still come Purchased!
    I would recommend this brand to my friends!
    Thank you seller!”


  17. B***N

    well received. no broken or spilled items. thick bubble wrap. the pallet for me its beautiful, the packaging and pigments are good enough. anyway thnks.


  18. n***I

    OK,swear satisfied crazy, cheap price tp quality mcm expensive quality, the most I like her packaging !! tgklaaaa cantikkk nak mmpusssssss, dlm tu ada cermin. pstu wrna dia tkyh cakap la mmg lawaaaaaaa gilaa. The delivery of the meal took about 10 minutes, but he was satisfied and waited, thanks.


  19. F***V

    Thank you seller. Well received. Electrically conductive very quickly. Goods up to the survivors. Thank you very much. Love it


  20. A***n

    Goods arrive safely and quickly even from china. Goods are ok, no damage, worth the price.


  21. T***h

    I loved! The eyeliner is very black. Even after drying, the color remains and when you rub your fingers over it, it doesn’t smudge. The tip is very thin and comes with a lot of product. I will definitely buy more often!


  22. D***n

    The eyeliner is smooth, waterproof, and can dry quickly, and the bag protects it very well. I like it and recommend the seller!


  23. M***o

    spreads a little when applied, but dries quickly and cannot be washed off with water, even if rubbed. can be washed off only with mycelial water. I really like the eyeliners of this company, I have been using it for a long time. recommend.


  24. B***y

    It’s really good. It can keep your eyebrows in shape for a whole day. The effect is great. The method of use is very simple. I like it and recommend buying!


  25. B***J

    The plastic effect of the eyebrows is very good. Gently brush on the eyebrows, you can set the shape all day long, very good, transparent texture, like it, recommend buying!


  26. Shopper

    It will take some time for the product to arrive, but I don’t mine about it because it was earlier than the scheduled date. The eyeliner itself doesn’t really fall off! You can write beautifully! I think it’s waterproof and off with hot water! I think I will repeat! It was very good!


  27. A***r

    Eyeliner, the color is black, waterproof, the packaging is very good, the package is coming soon!


  28. J***r

    The eyeliner is very smooth and waterproof. It can hold makeup all day without worrying. It is worth buying and recommended!


  29. L***L

    Earlier arrived than expected knowing the origin from another country comes. The items are very beautiful and also the packaging, more secure. Will surely again soon. Thanks seller.


  30. R***n

    Arrived earlier than expected. Well packed and complete, no dents. I haven’t used it, hopefully it suits me. Thank you seller,it is lesser than it’s super affordable regular price.


  31. a***u

    Very colored liquid, but it will dry quickly, can be used for more than 8 hours, it is recommended to buy


  32. c***r

    Bem pigmentado e pretinho. Seca bem rápido e tem acabamento brilhante. Amei recomendo


  33. p***r

    Fantastic liner. Doesn’t give me allergies, Will buy again.


  34. M***o

    The shaping effect is very good, it can be shaped for a long time, and the method of use is also very simple. Thank you for the seller’s package arrival quickly, recommended!


  35. a***r

    Arrived early and has a precise tip for easy application


  36. N***e

    my order comes so quick, accurate as the picture. I recommend the seller. I’ll come


  37. m***i

    Amazing quality. but the black color has a shiny effect. It is not matt


  38. M***a

    As usual, everything is fine)) in a gift sharpener)) thanks. I moved only to this brand, the quality of the fire) matte, very resistant, does not smear))