Eyelash Growth Serum Liquid Eyelash Eyebrow Enhancer Treatment Lash Lift Eyes Lashes Care Mascara Longer Thicker Nourishing

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Eyelash Growth Serum Liquid Eyelash Eyebrow Enhancer Treatment Lash Lift Eyes Lashes Care Mascara Longer Thicker Nourishing

Net weight :3ml

Main effects:
1.Nourish each eyelash from root,abundant ingredients ,no longer be sparse and soft
2.Improve uneven eyelash density and deepen eyelash toughness
3.Make eyelash stronger ,healthier
Usage / Method:
Smear on the root of eyelashes, it is best to smear a small amount many times, after rubbing for 30 seconds before blinking. If you accidentally touch the skin outside the eyelashes root when smearing, you can wipe it off with cotton stick and clean water.
When smearing, the brush does not need to touch too much liquid, too much but easy to flow around the eye, once flowing around the eye or eyes, rinse with clean water.

Try to help smear with both hands, one hand to pull up the upper eyelids or lower eyelids, the other hand to hold the brush gently smear, avoid smearing to areas other than eyelashes.


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  1. f***r

     have been using this product for months now and it is FANTASTIC! I had fake lashes put on and they left quite a bit of damage. This eye serum repaired my lashes and very fast. They not only grew, but are fuller too. Could not recommend enough! 


  2. e***r

    This serum really works!!! My lashes are getting longer, especially the lower lashes that used to be so short, and now they grow!! 


  3. e***r

    I like the applicator brush, it’s very practical and nice. I ‘ve tried it a few days, I think it’s a good product, it’s soon to notice results, but I’m very happy. 


  4. i***r

    I liked the serum for the eyelashes. I use a week, the eyelashes stopped falling like before. I’ll make an apdata for growth later.


  5. a***r

    The effect is. I do not know if they will be thicker, but denser exactly steel and darker. It’s only day 5. There is little serum in the tube. I took it at once 2, I do not regret it. In general, I do not know how, but it works. Thank you seller. 


  6. d***r

    The delivery time of this product is very fast, especially thanks to the seller’s careful packaging and fast shipping. I used the product. It took more than a week, the effect is very obvious, the eyelashes really widened and lengthened, thank you very much for purchasing this product, it is recommended to buy.


  7. a***r

    Okay didn t expect this product to be so good. Freaking game changer. 10/10 would recommend. My lashes are healthy and look better than they ever have. 


  8. t***r

    I have been using this for about a month. I didn’t use every day but maybe a few times a week. I havent noticed a big difference in my lashes but OMG my eyebrows started growing in thicker!! I am very happy with the results!! 


  9. a***r

    Oh my gosh! Works great! My best friend told me about it & I could tel a difference in just a matter of weeks on her so I had to have it. I love it! Will buy it again & again! 


  10. a***r

    I’ve been using this serum for about 2.5 months. In the beginning I applied the serum every day. Now it’s whenever I can remember but at least 3 times a week. I noticed a big difference in length! They also started to curl too. My lower lashes are a lot longer! When I apply makeup, you can definitely see a difference in length. Photo is with no make up. The results are good. 


  11. a***r

    After only 1 week of use, I have noticed this product is thickening my lashes from the root level, making them look darker as well.


  12. a***r

    I was looking for a cheaper alternative to the R+F lash boost and I found exactly what I needed! My lashes are SIGNIFICANTLY thicker AND longer. My pictures actually don’t do the product justice. With my lashes curled with mascara, I look like I have super natural lash extensions or falsies. I have gotten so many compliments! 


  13. a***r

    This is my first try at boosting my lashes and I am impressed after half a month. And I forget to use it a few days a week. I m excited to continue using the lavish lash! I think they look natural as well. 


  14. s***r

    I have received my orders, very happy, I will start using it and wait for the results. I am very happy because it arrived very quickly, I recommend the seller 100% for being very kind, cordial and responsible with the shipments very soon. Thank you very much


  15. d***r

    Great price and amazing product. I had read about the benefits of eyelash serum in lashes and eyebrows but was skeptical. I decided to give it a try and refused to overpay for a beauty brand product, which can be costly. I am glad I tried out this eyelash serum. 


  16. p***r

    I’ve been using it a few times at night in my eyebrows and lashes. I noticed a difference (longer lashes and eyebrows) after using it one week . I highly recommend it!


  17. a***r

    Havent quiet used it for a month yet, so still waiting on a difference for my lashes but, ive also been using it for my eyebrows and they have gotten thicker.


  18. A***a

    Thank you for the parcel, to Samara came in 10 days. I will try, I hope for a good result


  19. l***r

    I used the entire bottle and I saw a growth after a month, use it every night before bed, I am happy for the growth but in my case, overall I’m happy with my purchase, thank you.


  20. a***r

    Very satisfied! The order arrived quickly. Perfect packaging. Without any damage, the smell is not obvious and pleasant. After 2 weeks of use, I can see that my eyelashes grow very long, so it is a very good product. So I recommend.


  21. Shopper

    Delivery to Yekaterinburg is 10 days. Goods packed very good! Brought a courier, instruction in Chinese! (


  22. A***r

    The parcel came safely and safely, the box did not crumble anywhere. Won for 75 kopecks. I’ll write about it later.


  23. a***r

    While I use 4 days, I will wait for the result


  24. s***e

    fast shipping